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VK Art Gallery has a wide collection of art accumulated over 35 years. VK's first purchased was in Australia when I was 19 years old. It was a picture of an aborigine girl painted on felt with her tears dripping from her eyes. Obviously, she is very sad. This picture stirred compassion within me. I remember the words of Revelation chapter 21 verse 4 about heaven, "He will wipe every tear from their eyes". This picture communicate this effect to you and since then, I have start to collect painting from time to time when the opportunity arise according to budget. I still have this painting and it will be exhibited in my gallery. View image

During the cause of my business, I travel extensively to Bali, Indonesia and around the world. The more I traveled, the more I realize that there are still so much wonderful nature's sceneries and people's faces to meet and see. A large part of my collection is from Bali and Asia. In my later years, I have collected more contemporary pictures. However, I do not have much modern art or abstract and prefer a more pictorial and meaningful art form. The gallery is created recently because I was beginning to have so many painting and picture all over my factory and office in such a way that I have no space for them. Out of passion, I have created this gallery on the back of my business.

The gallery consists of 4000 sq ft divided into 2 sections. It is fully carpeted with good spot lights to highlight certain features of the paintings. We have furnished the gallery with 9 big air-conditioners (30,000 BTU) to keep the paintings in good condition and the environment cool comfort for visitors.

This gallery also features a lot of my photography since photography is also on of my passion. I like to capture the wide range of subject including scenery, nature and also some nude subjects.

The female nude form fascinate me as it imparts fluidity, grace, curves, fullness, different shapes and sizes and if you mix it with light and colour, it presents an amazing array of permutation and combination. My nude beauties are meant to share naked beauty through the discerning angle and eye through the camera lens.

Incidentally, Michael Angelo says he prefers to sculpture the male form because man has more muscles and therefore more details. I have large print of Michael Angelo "Last Judgement" painted on wall of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican and a limited porcelain release of the "Creation of men".

Portraits are also very interesting as the "eye is the window to your soul". Expressions are revealed through the eye, facial muscles, lips and hair configuration. A close up like the Afghan girl by Steve Scurry is very striking that is "the pair of piercing eyes". I have the "original copy" on canvass.

You will see a lot of gum trees shots taken during my many trips to Australia. Gum trees are particularly interesting as they have so many varieties. The bark of the gum trees or "eucalyptus" are fascinating when peeling away, some are white as ghost. Gum trees in good sunlight give very nice sway and contrast of colours and lighting. You will be able to see this in pictorial form. There are pine trees which is also very interesting.

Recently, I have traveled to Philippines Banaue rice terrace which is one of the 8 wonders of the world. You have to travel 4000 to 7000 metres above sea level and takes 4 days tour journey to reach there and shoot the scenic rice terraces. I have good collection of the rice terrace pictures which is very beautiful - just incredible the way the mountains were curved up by the locals over the centuries.

I am also fascinated by the colours and shades of flowers. We also have a good range of flowers pictures as well. Birds and wild life are also my interest. The pictures will be added from time to time when I am able to capture a good shot.

All the collection in the gallery can be for sale if the price is right especially for some of my favourite piece. I intend to have some not so expensive paintings which people can collect since we do charge an admission fee of $10.00 which is redeemable on purchase of any paintings or prints.

If there is any painting which you like that is not available immediately, you can place an advance order and we will source for you or make a reprint of the "original copy".

We also have a good range of wines (100 labels) which we have wine tasting session. Admission ticket of S$10.00 is redeemable upon purchase of 2 bottles of any wines.


In this virtual gallery, you can see different pictures. We have a fairly wide collection of arts. We are trying to develop our business to have more art representative from all over the world. This is an eventual aim so that visitors to our gallery will be able to feel that they are going around the world virtually.

Together with paintings and photographs, we hope to take this effect of traveling around the world virtually in our gallery. Our gallery is unique and colourful. It is a pretty interesting gallery not to be missed.

We have 1,000 sq. metre of space. If you really want to see all the pictures in our gallery, it will take about 80 minutes. That is why we have mentioned “around the world in 80 minutes”. One feature of our gallery is a lot of poster size picture taken by VK during his traveling around the world – subject like flowers, faces, sceneries, nude and pictures of acropolis, gum trees, Banaue Terrace (takes 4 days journey to take these pictures). When you see all these pictures of Banaue, you will feel that you are between 4,000 to 7,000 metres high. We have sceneries from around the world.

We also specialize in nude paintings. Some of the paintings are commissioned so they tend to be exclusive. At the moment, we have a number of sculptures pieces. We hope to develop more sculptures, bronze and porcelain from China and marble from Italy.

The whole gallery is fully carpeted and air conditioned with Persians carpets for sale on the floor. If you cannot find what you like in the gallery, we can source it for you. We do provide art broking services. If you like acrylic, water colours and etc., we can get the painting for you at an agreed cost.

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